Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, it’s a technique to a achieve the most realistic brows. BoldBrows is a manual, semi-permanent technique of hyper-realistic eyebrow drawing in which the shape of eyebrows is calculated according to facial morphology and golden proportion (phi 1,618).

  • Skin type must be dry or regular (no oily skin)
  • Cannot be on your period
  • Cannot be Pregnant / breastfeeding
  • Must not be allergic to metal

In order to successfully perform the treatment, the skin must not be in the regeneration process, i.e. it must not be damaged. Please communicate session with our artist during your consultation If there is eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, pimples or any damage in the eyebrows area so that she can advise you take the best course of action to make your skin ready for the treatment.

Within 30 days before your appointment, avoid all abrasive and laser treatments as well as Botox and tanning. With 5 days, stop any multivitamins, turmeric, ginger, and anything leading to blood thinning; also, avoid waxing and tinting. On the appointment day, arrive with clean and makeup-free skin. Do not book an appointment before a vacation or anytime you will be getting wet, sweating excessively, or in the sun. We advise you take a shower prior to your appointment because you cannot get your brows wet for 3 days.

  • No coffee/alcohol within 24 hours of the appointment
  • No Vitamins/Minerals within 24 hours of the appointment
  • No Advil/(blood thinner medications) within 72 hours of the appointment
  • Arrive with no make-up for your appointment.

Redness and slight swelling similar to a light sunburn are normal. Personal detailed information of after-treatment will be provided for you depending on your conditions. However in general, we advise you take a shower prior to your appointment because you cannot get your brows wet for 3 days.

Phi pigments SUPE formula is the latest generation of phi pigments, the most advanced microblading pigments, made in Germany.
SUPE formula is the fifth generation of PhiBrows pigments. This means that the original synthetic microblading formula has been improved 4 times. This is the first pigment in the market for which the manufacturer guarantees that it will not change its shade with time in comparison to the shade after healing.
It is characterized by compressed yellow pigment. Compressing the pigment leads to the increase in its stability. By its nature, yellow is the most unstable colour. When it fades out from the skin, eyebrows may get grey or reddish. Equal stability of all pigments that make brown colour prevents the colour from changing into an unwanted one until it fades out completely.
SUPE pigments do not require additional mixing with basic colours in order to make them warmer. With the new SUPE formula it is not necessary to add any of the basic pigments (red , yellow or black).

Based on our experience, our clients feel minimal pain during microblading. Having said that, if you prefer, we will apply numbing cream which will make your procedure virtually pain-free 

The technique is intended for anyone over the age of 18 (persons under 18 must be accompanied by their parents) who wants to correct the aesthetic problems of their eyebrows.

Healed results vary slightly from person to person highly dependent on skin types and following the specific aftercare guidelines correctly to achieve the best result possible.

During your healing process, the eyebrow tends to fade in color up to 40% giving the eyebrows a more natural and softer look. The color will eventually lighten up after this process due to skin tissue healing. The healing process approximately takes two weeks in which you will experience scabbing and flaking of the eyebrows. Be patient and do NOT pick your eyebrows remove it could cause damage to the skin and alter the result of the Microblading.

The initial session approximately takes two hours which will include drawing and styling the best brow shape possible for you by your artist and follow with the pigment selection. The session will then begin by the client’s approval upon eyebrow shape and color.

Microblading, as a permanent make up procedure requires touch up session every 12-18 months to freshen up the pigments to ensure the strokes are defined. Microblading will typically last between 1-2 years, keep in mind mostly depending on your skin type whether it is oily, dry, or normal and also the client’s skincare routine. Clients should keep in mind that color retention also varies from person to person.

All permanent make up procedures require touch up sessions after 4-6 weeks following your initial session. Your brows will start to fade away over time if no additional touch ups are scheduled. Touch up sessions include adjusting pigment color and increasing number of stores to adjust brow thickness to refine and refill any areas needed for a slight touch up and ensure you of the perfect brow shape.