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by Baharak Movasaghzadeh

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by Baharak Movasaghzadeh

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PhiBrows Microblading Service

by Baharak

Phibrows microblading is a semi-permanent makeup which we can add hair stokes in between the natural hair of the eyebrows or bolder look using tools including needles and blades to scrap, shape and apply specific pigments on the upper layers of the skin.
The technique is ideal for anyone who desires to change the style of their eyebrows or is interested in getting perfectly drawn eyebrows for a fairly long period.
Not everyone is qualified to offer this service because it is a delicate procedure that requires experience and professional training. Being certified by Phi Academy, one of the most reputable permanent makeup institutes in the world, we are providing beauty solutions as regards the eyebrows.

PhiAreola 3D Pigmentation

by Baharak

A special characteristic of the breast is the nipple/areola. Obviously, it is a central point for the eye, which is impossible to overlook. If the nipple is removed for one reason or the other, the patient begins to feel different and thereby paying more attention to the scars present in that area.
The good news is that regaining the good feelings about their body has been made easier now. Thanks to PhiAreola permanent makeup technique, which involves reconstructing the areola to look as natural as possible.

Permanent Lip Tattoo

by Baharak

One of the most significant features on the face is the Lip. Once your lip is perfect, every other feature on the face falls in line. If you love your lips to appear perfect every time, we have a solution for you.
Lip blushing tattoo is a semi-permanent redden lip makeup technique that focuses on modifying both colour and shape, using a permanent makeup machine to create a needless lip to additional makeup and persistent beautiful rosy pink lips.

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Not every permanent makeup artist has the skills. It is technical and delicate; that’s what makes it a unique skill.
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EyeLash Lift/Tint

Hair Scalp

Workshop and Training

by Baharak

PhiAreola training course is both an online and in person course offered with Master Baharak Movasaghzadeh presented by Phi Academy which is known as the most dominant and prestigious beauty academy in the world.
You will become a PhiAreola Artist by passing 9 levels in the field to gain the completed skill requirements of this new technique to rise in the paramedical world to start your business as an artist. The course will be available to you with the unlimited support of Craft Master and Master Baharak for 6 months including unlimited access to online lectures and videos provided for you to strengthen your skills in this field.
This training is meant to help students discover the art of areola/nipple tattooing and to enhance their experience in the artistic world. After successfully completing 9 levels of PhiAreola training, you are officially a licensed Phi Academy Artist and you can start your career or business anywhere in the world.


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Baharak has always been a fan of arts. After finishing her Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from one of the top Iran’s Universities, and while working in her specialized field in Road and Transportation Designs, Baharak developed an interest in Permanent Make Up. She started working on expanding her clients from early 2013 and because of her high referral ratings, it didn’t take long for her to become a well known and trusted artist.