Baharak Movasaghzadeh

PhiAcademy Master

Baharak Movasagh-

PhiAcademy Master

The one and only PhiAreola master in north America

Where Did It All Start?

Baharak has always been a fan of arts. After finishing her Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from one of the top Iran’s Universities, and while working in her specialized field in Road and Transportation Designs, Baharak developed an interest in Permanent Make Up. She started working on expanding her clients from early 2013 and because of her high referral ratings, it didn’t take long for her to become a well known and trusted artist.

Baharak always wanted to be up to date with different techniques and procedures and has obtained many licences including PhiBrows, PhiAreola, PhiHenna, Lash Lifting/Tinting, Permanent Make Up Such as Eye Liner, Lip Liner, Lip Blush…

Also, in November 2020 Baharak became the first official master of PhiAreola in Canada and she can officially share her experience and train in Canada, Iran, and all around the world as PhiAreola master. 

Baharak is now working as a PHIBROWS MASTER ASSISTANT in the GTA area with different clients and is very proud to have such amazing, satisfied and returning customers.