Scalp Micropigmentation

by Baharak

Scalp Micro-

by Baharak

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation also referred to as SMP, is a semi-permanent makeup technique developed to solve problems attached to hair loss. It is an updated cosmetic procedure that involves using specialized tools, including machines, needles and pigments, to create an illusion of the hair follicle. It is less invasive in solving hair loss problem than a hair transplant.
Scalp micropigmentation is a delicate cosmetic procedure that shouldn’t be done by someone who isn’t certified. However, in our hands, you have a guarantee of getting the best result. It takes the expertise of a professional to understand how to combine pigment colours that will suit the skin tone perfectly. In addition, it requires artistic skills, including handling and drawing fine shapes on the skin.
We handle our customers using in a gentle manner, making you as comfortable as possible. Scalp micropigmentation can be a little painful because it involves using needles. That’s why we use a numbing cream to reduce the pain during the procedure to a minimum.

The illusion of a fuller head of hair!

The illusion of a fuller head of hair!

There is always a solution!

Just when we thought hair transplants were the best and most appropriate for dealing with hair loss, this fantastic method came along. It is even easier with quick results.

This new non-surgical hair treatment could help you in case you have faced any forms of hair loss like cancer, alopecia, thinning hair, scars or pattern baldness.

During the consultation and before your appointment, the client and artist work together on planning the desired effect. What the artist does to your hair is strictly dependent on what you want.

We have enough experience in offering SMP service to clients, so we know what exactly will suit your condition perfectly. You will discuss pigment colour, placement of the hairline, and other details. Your treatment may need 2 or 3 different sessions.

Contact us, and let’s discuss what you need for your hair loss.

How Is Scalp Micropigmentation Performed?

This treatment involves depositing microdot tattoos in the different layers of the skin. This stippling pattern gives the effect of hair follicles. It looks like you have cut your hair close to the scalp.
The artist chooses colours that closely match your natural skin tone and hair colour. That’s why you need a professional artist with enough experience to perform the procedure for you with zero complications.
How Do You Prepare for the Procedure? In general, you may shave or pluck your hair within 48 hours of having the treatment. Some procedures don’t require any shaving or plucking.
It’s important to eat a meal before your procedure begins.


Prior to you undergoing the scalp micropigmentation treatment, it is crucial to follow specific tips to safeguard yourself and your hair, as well as get the best results. Even after the completion of this process, some other care must be taken. They will ensure you heal rapidly and maintain the amazing effect of the therapy. Dive in to find out!

Before Care For Scalp Micropigmentation

Here are five things you are expected to take note of as a customer, and as a scalp artist. These tips get you ready for your SMP therapy. So, if you desire the best outcome, these are the care you must ensure are not overlooked.

  • Your skin must be as soft as possible. So, keep your scalp moist always.
  • Ensure you have your hair cut to any style you prefer, the night before.
  • Stay away from anything at all that is likely to thin the blood like aspirin, energy drinks, or caffeine.
  • Select the kind of hairline you prefer and get yourself set for it.
  • Ensure you make plans for the treatment you must receive after the SMP process.

After Care For Scalp Micropigmentation

In all, it will be best for you to care for your scalp just as you would do for an open wound after the SMP procedure. By this, you should prevent it from getting dirty or wet. Avoid chlorinated pools, tanning beds, steam rooms, or saunas, for the next 28 days that follow your final treatment. Doing this will deliver the best and, long-lasting effect.

Other tips you should follow include:

  • Use baby shampoo for the first 2 weeks after the treatment
  • Do not wash your hair with hot water
  • In every way, do not take part in any rigorous exercise for 5 days after your treatment
  • Stay away from skin irritants or self-tanners
  • Cover the pillow with disposable sheets for the first week. (Ink may be absorbed into your pillow)
  • Use the thin layer of skin candy aftercare balm which we will provide you in case you feel dry or itchy scalp.
  • No chemical products for 2 weeks on your scalp.

In the next 10 days after your treatment, your scalp should be healed enough. Then, you can begin to get back to your daily routine gradually.