Microblading Training Course

by Baharak

Microblading Training Course

by Baharak

Microblading Training Course

BM Signature Microblading Training Course is a two-day course.

The first day is designed to introduce you to eyebrow threading/cleaning, eyebrows symmetrical mapping on drawing paper, introduction to different colours and combination of colours, introduction to a variety of skin types and conditions, Microblading needles and practical exercises on training plastic skin, and finally to different types of Microblading strokes.

Day two is designed for you to gain experience with hands-on work on live models. The first round of Microblading done by the instructor on the live model which includes: Shaping and symmetrical mapping of Eyebrows. The second round of Microblading done by the student under the supervision of the instructor includes Microblading strokes and final touches.

The cost associated with this training course is $2000 CAD which includes the training kit. The training kit includes the following supplies: Practice ink, Practice skin,15 Microblading needles, Microblading eyebrow drawing pen, and Microblading eyebrows Ruler. The course starts from 11 AM to 5 PM.

-Deposit Policy: Should you need to change or cancel your session date, we require 72hrs notice and in order for you not to lose your deposit. The date change request depends on available spots and time frames.

Become a Certified Microblading Artist

Do you just love making people look pretty and will love to become part of the solution in our world? 

Microblading is an incredible niche in the permanent makeup industry. It is also a lucrative profession in which you can learn, assist people and earn a lot. 

Are you looking for a stable and profitable niche to pitch your tent in the beauty industry? Learn below about everything you need to become a certified Microblading artist.

Who is eligible to enroll?

Becoming a Microblading artist is a big deal in the beauty industry because it is a delicate profession that requires working on people’s skin. So it is important to know that not everyone is eligible to enroll in the training. If you are going to train with us, you will have to go all-in and become the best certified Microblading artist around.

  • The Microblading training course is for both males and females, young and old interested in pursuing a career in permanent makeup services. 
  • The training course is available to those interested in gaining mastery of the entire course. If you want to make big waves in the industry, you may have to possess the best skills and techniques which stand out among others. All these are what we imbibe in our students, teaching them the best techniques for performing this cosmetic procedure without any complications.
  • The training course is for pre-existing permanent makeup artists looking to expand their business, offer more services and earn more. After offering one permanent makeup service for a long time, it is time to take another bold move and add more to your skills.

What Will You Learn?

Our Microblading course training is usually well-detailed, consisting of everything you need to learn about Microblading. Certified and experienced Microbladers are available to put you through every single aspect of Microblading, starting from the most basic information required. 

The training course is usually dependent on your level of experience. For people who already have knowledge of the skill, they can enroll for the advanced training while newbies need to start from scratch. 

Here is a glimpse of what you will learn in this training to become a certified Microblading artist in Canada.

  • Consultation
  • Practising strokes on latex
  • Microblading on a live model
  • Colour Theory
  • Eyebrows shaping & mapping
  • Skin theory & skin diseases

There are many other things you will learn when you enroll in our Microblading training course. We will there every step to put you through the procedure until you become a master.

What differentiates a good artist from a bad one?

Which do you want to become? A good Microblading artist or a bad one? Of course, no one wants to become a bad artist who offers low-quality services. 

Do you know that there is only a small difference between a good permanent makeup artist and a bad one? 

  • A good artist was trained by a professional Microblading artist.
  • A good artist was trained with the best training materials, including course outline and tools.
  • A good artist was trained with the best Microblading techniques.

If you want to become a good and highly skilled Microblader who offers high-quality Microblading services, you need to learn from a reputable institution. Enroll in our course and become a master in the beauty industry when it comes to Microblading.

Microblading training Tool kit

During the training, you will be provided with a Microblading practice tool kit for training. This will ensure you learn and practice what you learnt to improve mastery of the training course.

  • Blank practice skins
  • Rubber Practice Sheets
  • Colored Metal Microblading Tungsten Handle
  • Micro-brushes
  • Practice pigment
  • Double Cup Finger Rings
  • Eyebrow Measuring Guide
  • Fine Curved Needles
  • Fine U-shaped Needles
  • Eyebrow Pencil.
  • Experience
    We have enough experience in training students from scratch on Microblading techniques. We will train you with the best techniques to become a high-quality microblader in the industry. 
  • Best Tools and Products
    Without tools and products, Microblading cannot be done, which makes it an important item in Microblading. Our students have access to the best tools and products during the training. 
  • 100% Certified
    You will be trained by highly skilled 0professionals and certified experts in the permanent makeup industry.
  • Affordable
    We offer Microblading training courses at a considerable price. Contact us and get a quote!
  • Support
    Every student that has trained under us continues to enjoy support and supervision even after the training. Once you undergo our training, you become part of our community. 

Why Choose BM Signature Microblading Training Course?

Training with a reputable brand like BMSignature will give you the push you desire in the beauty industry. Lay a strong by training with us and stand out among your colleagues in the beauty industry.

Microblading Training Course – In Person

$CAD 2,000


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